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The scope

The career scope of a financial consultant is dynamic and involves a range of competencies and tasks. To prepare our new consultants for the career, there will be a comprehensive one-to-one mentoring program with a manager that includes shadowing and joint-work.

As a financial consultant, your clients and their interests will become your foremost priority. A large part of your job will involve connecting and engaging with new and existing clients to identify their financial needs. From there, you can begin examining the available financial solutions and provide them with your recommendations.

Creating platforms for excellence

At Avallis, we support our consultants and their success with a range of platforms, including administrative support from insurance specialists and paraplanners.

Our proprietary management software covers the full spectrum of advisory processes, including data-gathering, risk profiling, analytics and monitoring. This will allow you to better make sound and intuitive recommendations to your client.

We also organise weekly case study workshops to keep our consultants updated on the latest trends and news of the industry and encourage continuous learning.